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Codename: WarMachine Community now in Evolve, you can Join it Now and Play the Games/Mod of Codename: War Machine Online.

Play now the Mods with the Community and your Friends in Online. Enjoy it!.

All Information in the Section ''Evolve''.

Vistas: 275 | Agregado por: WarMachine | Fecha: 08/Dic/2014 | Comentarios (1)

Now, you can Download the MCI FULL Version in the Section ''Downloads''.

For all information about the Mod you can find it in the Section ''Mods''.

Best Regards. MABM009.

Vistas: 577 | Agregado por: WarMachine | Fecha: 06/Dic/2014 | Comentarios (0)

Finally, the Red Version is Here.

Now, you can Download the Red Version in the Section ''Downloads''.

For all information about the Mod you can find it in the Section ''Mods''.

In the Manual you can found all information, the Manual are in the Mod, but you can Download only this in ''Downloads''.

Best Regards. MABM009.

Vistas: 740 | Agregado por: WarMachine | Fecha: 28/Nov/2014 | Comentarios (5)

Welcome to Codename: WarMachine. In this Web Page you can found in the future: Games/Mods for Downloads and Help of this Mods. Of Course this include News of the Video Games Universe.

For more Information please check the Section ''Site info'' in the Site menu.

Actually, I'm Working in the project: ''Codename: Panzers Phase Three Red Version'', for more Information about this Mod, Check the section ''Mods''.

Best Regards. MABM009.

Vistas: 260 | Agregado por: WarMachine | Fecha: 23/Nov/2014 | Comentarios (1)

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