0:26:37 AM
Men... I say more times, but no problem; THE PASSWORD IS PUBLIC, you can find it in General Menu > Mods > Panzers III Red Version V2 (click in the mod image for open the page). Best Regards people.
1:15:00 AM
can u send me the PW pls?
8:42:02 AM
omg i'm idiot, i think, instalation pasword code is a link for it...
2:04:46 PM
thanks, but what password i need to write? MABM009 isn't working
8:16:48 AM
Konrad I give you wrong information, next to english flag download buttom isnt the game, if you want download click to 'windows' (down the game name) i hope you will enjoy the game
10:06:33 AM
Konrad, http://warmachine.moy.su/index/downloads/0-4
English Download buttom and will open the MEGA, there you can download, pw here: http://warmachine.moy.su/index/panzers_iii_red_version/0-7
4:56:51 PM
hello dudes, i have a question, how download phase III red version?
6:43:13 PM
Hi, the password is in this page: http://warmachine.moy.su/index/panzers_iii_red_version/0-7
4:02:13 PM
Can someone give me the password for Panzers III Red Version??
9:02:28 PM
Hello everyone!
3:57:09 PM
Hi people, WhatsUp?
5:55:04 PM
5:02:56 PM
WarMachine, I write to Forum, I need help
8:46:54 AM
WarMachine, WarMachine, WarMachine,
10:13:23 PM
1:05:53 AM
0:57:38 AM
Can you please send me the password for Panzer Red?
1:34:39 PM
The Password it's now public, you can find it in the Panzers III Red Version Page.
11:48:37 PM
WarMachine, Password for Red Version
5:05:48 PM
hay alguien
7:10:44 PM
Hola davidfolguera, tienes la contraseña en tus Mensajes Privados. Saludos.
11:42:48 AM
warmachine facilitame la contraseña del panzers 3 gracias
11:42:13 AM
6:14:33 PM
Hola varo1939, tienes la contraseña en tus Mensajes Privados. Saludos. WarMachine.
2:03:33 AM
Saludos warmachine me puedes facilitar password de panzers red version.Thanks.
6:02:07 PM
Hello danielkonvalina, you have the Password in your E-Mail. Best Regards. WarMachine.
3:54:25 PM
WarMachine, can you send me the password for panzers red version?
4:21:01 PM
Yes Comrade mj3d3n, you have the Password in your PMs. Best Regards. WarMachine
4:11:32 AM

Can you please send me the password for Panzer Red?

4:03:00 PM
Hello gabrielezapgz, you have the Password in your PMs, go to your profile and click in Read PMs. Best Regards. WarMachine
2:26:33 PM
WarMachine, can you send me the password for panzers red version?
10:30:10 PM
hei can someone send me the password for panzers red version plz? i spend 2 hours downloading this
11:45:50 PM
I'm waiting the release of Warhammer 40K Attero Dominatus booze
11:44:37 PM
I'm back! rolleyes
3:23:15 PM
Ok comrade bkequipment, I send you the Password now. Best Regards.
1:08:25 PM
Hey WarMachine, i send u a pm cause of thepassword. happy easter smile
11:21:44 PM
SubSilver, If you use a false E-Mail i can't send you the Password. If you want the password then use a real E-Mail.
10:15:44 AM
Asked serval times for the password but now answer, really?

Why you lock a mod with a password anyway?
5:15:45 PM
This Week or maybe the nex Week: The Release of Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War - Attero Dominatus. And i'm working in a new GNU/Linux Operative System: Warus.
Best Regards.
2:41:22 PM
When there will be some updates?
11:47:27 AM
Hi Hallo, you can request the Password in the section ''Contact Us'' with the subject ''Password for Red Version''. Best Regards. MABM009.
6:22:59 PM
I don't use any of those three services uID, Facebook and Google+.
6:20:50 PM
Hw to get the password for phase three?
7:49:06 PM
benvenutti raul, parla italianini??
7:14:56 PM
smile smile
7:12:59 PM
Welcome NigthcoreRaul26 to Codename: WarMachine!
0:49:28 AM
go go go, camrade
0:48:18 AM
Yeahhh!!! Go to play Now! booze
12:53:08 PM
Hey, this week play??
i can this afternoon o night sunday
7:56:10 PM
Yeahhh!!! TotalCraft is here comrades!!! :-D :-P
0:14:16 AM
agentelyoko14, Mira en tus mensajes Privados, tu petición ya fue aceptada y se te a enviado la contraseña.
1:47:45 PM
WarMachine, Password for Red Version dime la contraseña
1:46:05 PM
Como consigo la contraseña
0:02:56 AM
Vale Camarada. Adios.
0:02:29 AM
Ok. Agur, compañero.
0:01:40 AM
Esta bien, por cierto si eso cuando tengas Evolve agreganos a todos de Amigos.
0:00:23 AM
Sí, ok. Es mejor mañana para mí; ahora estoy aterido de frío y estoy deseando acostarme. Ja,ja. Nos vemos mañana si coincidimos, Ok?
11:59:01 PM
Esta bien Compañero, aunque siendote Sincero, hasta en 5 Minutos lo podrias hacer ahora jajaja. Pero tu hazlo cuando quieras y cuando tengas Tiempo y eso.
11:58:04 PM
Estupendo, pues mañana probaré.