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TotalCraft Black Version:

Download available: Yes


Operating System:    

Platforms: (Only for Play Online)

TotalCraft is WarCraft and StarCraft, I create this Mod with the two increible Strategy Games of Blizzard. TotalCraft have more Content of this increible Games and Job/Projects of the Fans. TotalCraft run with WarCraft III Frozen Throne, the Mod can be Modified, you can add new Content.

This is my first Game/Mod with her Inventory Launcher, this Inventory have all options of the Game Mod, all options and Ejecutables in a one Aplication:

The Mod have ''Themes Manager'', this option are for apply Themes in the Mod, TotalCraft have her Theme, is this:

You have the Steps for how to apply the original TotalCraft Theme in the Full Manual.

Thanks to K-4-iN for the Themes Manager.

WarCraft III Reign of Chaos Campaign (for play this Campaign you must open the Option: Reign of Chaos).

WarCraft III The Frozen Throne Campaign.

WarCraft IV Campaign.

WarCraft vs StarCraft.

StarCraft Hybrids.

Power of Corruption.

Battle of the Acients.

Beyond the Throne.

StarCraft [Maps].

WarCraft III [Maps].


HD Graphics.

New Skins.

New Icons.

New Abilities.

New Razes [In the Games Modes].

New Textures.

New Models.

Information of the TotalCraft Modes:

WarCraft III: Is the Original History of WarCraft III, TotalCraft have the Two Original Campaigns; Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

For play, go to Single Player>Campaign (For Reign of Chaos, select the Reign of Chaos Option and Single Player>Campaign).

For play the WarCraft III Skirmish go to Single Player>Custom Game>WarCraft.

This Mod have the Original WarCraft III Razes.


WarCraft IV: This Game/Mod continue with the WarCraft III Campaign, have two parts; Hour of Forsaken and Wrath of the Lich.

For play, go to Single Player>Custom Campaign; First is Hour of Forsaken and Second is Wrath of the Lich.

StarCraft Hybrids: This is a Game/Mod of StarCraft with New Razes, this Game/Mod have her Campaign and her Skirmish.

For play the Campaign, go to Single Player>Custom Campaign.

For play the Skirmish go to Single Player>Custom Game>Hybrids.


WarCraft VS StarCraft: In this Game/Mod, you are the Zerg Raze, and you fight against the Orcs, the Humans and the Terrans.

Difficulty: Hard

For play, go to Single Player>Custom Campaigns.

Power of Corruption: This Game/Mod are in Skirmish, have the New Razes; Naga and Demons.

For play, go to Single Player>Custom Game>Power of Corruption.


Beyond the Throne: This Game/Mod are in Skirmish, have the Humans and Orcs of the WarCraft II, the Naga Raze and the New Raze, Lost.

For Play, go to Single Player>Custom Game>Beyond the Throne.


StarCraft: This is the Original Game/Mod of StarCraft, have the Tutorial of StarCraft and a one Map for play in Online (StarCraft mode not have IA). You can Download and Install New Maps of this Mod.

For play, go to Single Player>Custom Game>StarCraft.


Battle of the Acients: This is a Roll Game/Mod.

For play, Open the Editor and open the Map with the Editor, and press Ctrl+F9.

ProjectY4: This Game/Mod is a History of a one Space Laboratories; The RDZ Industries, is a Future Mod with her all Skins, Units, Abilities, Weapons, Lands, etc…

For play, go to Single Player>Custom Game>ProjectY4.

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU:         Pentium II 400MHz/Athlon

RAM:    128 MB

VGA: 8 MB 3D Video Card with DirectX 8.1 support

DX:     DirectX 8.1

Operative System: Windows XP

Disk Space: 2 GB Free Disk Space

Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card


Recommended System Requirements:

CPU: Pentium III 600 MHz / Athlon

RAM: 512 MB

VGA: 32 MB 3D Video Card with DirectX 8.1 support

DX: DirectX 8.1

Operative System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Disk Space: 3 GB Free Disk Space

Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card

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