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Sorry... https://www.evolvehq.com has been closed :-(


Codename: WarMachine Community at:

Play the Games/Mods of Codename: WarMachine Online!

Information of Evolve and How to Join it:


Operating System:    (BETA)   (BETA)

Evolve it's a Social Platform for Games and a Gaming Community created by Mamu, Dreijer and Adam.

Evolve allows play Online through VPN (Virtual Private Network), calleds in Evolve ''Partys''. Evolve allows Find Matchs of more games for play in online with all people of the world, create Groups and add friends, talk with your friends and groups, add you Accounts (Steam, YouTube, Origin, Twitch, etc..., you can play your games of the Plataform, example Steam, in Evolve) in the Evolve Plataform.

With this, you can Play the Mods of Codename: WarMachine in Evolve, Do you want to join now? Ok, let's Go:

Firts, Download Evolve here:

You Download Evolve? Ok, now Install It.

Once Installed, now you need a Account, Ejecute Evolve and in the Log In click in Register to create you Account:

Once created you Account, you must Activate it, go to your Profile (for this, click in your Name for open your Profile in the Evolve Browser): 

And you can see this:

Click in the ''Click to activate it now!'' and write you E-Mail for activate it:

Now go to you E-Mail for Activate your Account, open the Evolve E-Mail and click in the Activation Link.

Join in the Codename: WarMachine Group for play the Mods in Online. For Join in the Codename: WarMachine Group, go in the Friends Windows to your Profile (for this, click in your Name for open your Profile in the Evolve Browser):

Atomatically Evolve open her Browser, Click in ''Search Evolve'' and Write ''Codename: WarMachine'', once you Find the Group, open the Group and Join It:

Click in Join and... Welcome to the Group in Evolve! With this, you are in the Codename: WarMachine Evolve Group, you can enter in the Chat of the Group for Talk with others player for Play to the Codename: WarMachine Mods.

Of course, you can add your Friends too.

Now... how to create a Party?

In the Main Window, go to ''Multiplayer'' and click in ''Create Party'', automatically, Evolve open the new Party, but... First, you must Install the VPN Adapter for Create Partys and Join other Partys, in the Window of the Party automatically appears the Windows of ''Install Evolve Network Adapter'', click in Install and install them.

Once the Evolve Gaming Conection has been Installed, Automatically Evolve Create the Party, now you have the Party and you can Invite friend or People of the C:WM Group for Play.

For Invite Friends you can Invite in the Friends window selecting the Friend and Rigth Mouse Button>Invite to Party.

And now... for play the Game/Mod Online, go to Multiplayer and LAN (Or Local Network).

It depends on the game, it may be different.

Create a new Game, and the people can See and Join your game. For Join a Game, click in the Game and press Join.

Attention!: The Game can request the CD Key for play in Multiplayer.

Example: Panzers III Red Version request the CD Key of Panzers II.

You need your CD Key of Panzers II or... Search CD Keys in Internet (this is your Chooice).

PS: You can found some CD Keys in the Forum.

And... Enjoy it!

Many Thanks for Mamu, Dreijer and Adam for this Increible Work.

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